AdHoc Resurgence – The Biggest College Party in the Metro

The UP Junior Marketing Association is back with the Biggest College Party in the Metro, AdHoc : Resurgence.

For those of you who haven’t been to AdHoc all I can say is that the experience is simply breathtaking, with a light show that fills up the halls, the bass that you feel on every song, and premium booze that keeps on coming, that’s why it’s still the best and the biggest college party in the Metro.

And so what are you waiting for buy your tickets now for a Resurgence of the premium AdHoc experience, this Saturday, August 23 at the World Trade Center with DJ Ace Ramos, DJ Jason Dewey, DJ Martin Pulgar, DJ Inno Naguit and their host, MC Pao.

AdHoc is UP JMA’s Biggest Fund Raiser Event, and the funds will go to the Kids Integrated Development through Schooling (KIDS) Program,  UP JMA Scholarship Fund, and TheseAbled.

For Inquiries simply check out their Website :

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