March 21 and 22, 2015: SAVE THE DATE

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It’s past your bedtime and you’re probably up to finish that coursework or to study for a huge exam or even to do your small homework and no matter how hard your eyelids tell you that you should go to bed, you won’t give in. You’ll reckon you’re gonna fix everything that seemed to be the roots of this suffering but a few minutes the next day after you come back home from college, you’ll either be on your bed having a power nap that seems to be endless or chilling at your favourite site/s – perhaps facebook, twitter, tumblr, or YouTube – you can name it but you’re probably not on Google. SO SUCK IT UP! WHAT YOU NEED IS A HELP FROM OUR GOOD OLD FRIEND, TIME MANAGEMENT.
You’re not in High School, your effortless tricks for that terror teacher you had few years ago won’t make it to this year’s. What you need is some school spirit awareness that can get you off that “rest-now-work-later” kind of life. Sure a power nap is what we all need, but not four hours or longer – not even two if you really have a lot of work to do. Half an hour will do but if you’re not lucky enough then ditch it and soak some teabags on that hot water on your cup. 
So how can we really get at it and finish this ridiculous business of ours that consists of us stressing over the weekend (a huge bummer, we know).
  1. Don’t be in denial. Come on, don’t tell me you’re not on your favourite site during the first hours you arrived from that stressful placed called university. I also happen to know that the sight of your comfortable bed can’t make you leave your room – oh those warm comfortable sheets, those soft pillows, imagine yourself chilling on it. How horrendous that adorable traitor can be? so don’t say “no” because trust me that weakness is universal.
  2. Do a to-do list. I quote one of my favourite movie character “I’m not a planner, I’m a doer” but apparently, that’s also the reason why she repeated college few times, which isn’t really good for us no matter how terrible you think the system in your college is. Being a doer is good but in terms of course works, you need to plan. Write things on the to-do list, from the ones that badly need accomplishment down to the ones that need to be submitted the next month, do it and stick with it!
  3. Find a place where there are no distractions or temptations. Your room can be one but if you’re too addicted to your bed, then find another one. 
  4. Set your priorities. You shouldn’t attend Ad Hoc or Paskuhan if you have a course work due the next week or three days that you have no idea how to deal with. Don’t let your small desire ruin the one that matters and you wanted the most and trust me, a Paskuhan or Ad Hoc experience wouldn’t cover up for your risky grade.
  5. And last but not the least, get yourself out of this article. NOW! Unless of course if you don’t have anything to do and have accomplished that term paper you’re stressing for since Monday. 
Time in college is an essential that never comes in easy. You either sacrifice something or you’ll end up with grades you wouldn’t be proud of. It’s a college student’s arch-nemesis, it’s the one you hated the most but needs the most. It isn’t long enough to do everything you wanted to do, always remember, there is never one pizza that’ll serve you every ingredient you want.

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