What Course should I take?

The neatly folded page between then and now is slowly unraveling itself before your eyes; the interesting part is, you’re not even realizing it. Come to think of it, in a few more months, you’ll be proudly marching your toga to accept your hard-earned diploma, as you set your mind that you are about to enter a new chapter of life – college. Well, let me be the first one to say this ”Congratulations!” The question here is, are you ready to take this unchartered yet undeniably exciting path?

By this time, most of you senior students would still have a rather vague vision of what to pursue in college. Don’t worry, that’s completely normal. It just shows that you are carefully considering options –or so I assume, since you are reading this article- which is a good thing. Just don’t dwell on the discerning process too long; and we’re here to help you with that.
So, what course to take? Probably one of your teachers already asked you that and you replied with a number of courses you’ve shortlisted. Here we have prepared a few pointers in choosing:

1.       There’s no such thing as an easy course-so stop asking people what course is easy (most of you would even ask what course wouldn’t be requiring you to study so much math!). Face it, you’d be spending coffee-fueled sleepless nights in front of your computer screen, typing, or you’d even get nominated for the Most Number of All-Nighters Pulled award. Bottom line, College will be hard regardless of your course. Besides, if something is easily achieved, would it really be worth achieving at all?

2.       Research the basics– well this tip is a must. Know first what the course is all about, its scope and range of topics. There are many online sites out there to help you generously with that. You wouldn’t want to pursue something you didn’t sign up for!

3.       Know your Strengths– Like what anyone else would say, pick where you think you’d excel in. if you’re good in drawing and/or painting, why not take up fine arts? Writing, journalism? Don’t be worried that you’d flunk it; trained professionals would be guiding you throughout your journey anyway.

4.       Are you sure you’re sure?– This question is for your determination and passion to finish something you’ve started. Some would ditch classes they find intimidating- which of course is a poor studying habit.

5.       Ask the masters– Some teens would often mistake a suggestion for an order. So hold that tweet when your parents sit beside you to talk about college stuff! If there’s anyone who knows your abilities well and the path ahead of you, you’ve guessed it, it’s them. Now if they have suggestions, say, you take up some business course, go and consider. You may not notice it, but maybe a business course is what will suit you. If you’re not really into it, tell them your preferences! You are sure to come up with something.

6.       PRAY.–  The most important tip of all. Ask the big man for His guidance and support as you face this journey, and know that in this adventure, you’ll never be alone. J

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