Maze Runner: Movie Review

DISCLAIMER : This post might contain spoilers.

With a 32 Million Dollar revenue on it’s debut James Dashner’s “Maze Runner” is a big hit. 

For people who have read the book you will feel that the movie has ofcourse deleted scenes and the phasing was too fast and had altered parts of the story. But the first thing I noticed was unlike other Film Adaptations like Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight,  the Maze Runner was the one of the few movies (I’ve watched) without a narrator. 

Usually the narrator gives away and explains what happens but this movie is in a first person view. Of course since Hunger Games came out first we can’t help but notice their similarities but the Maze Runner is a bit on the Men’s side since all except two of their main characters are men.  But overall the movie was a great experience eventhough sometimes you feel like you could predict what would happen.

We would like to thank Liv Co. for sponsoring the special block screening that held last September 17 at the Powerplant Mall

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