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Salarium is a tech startup founded in 2013 that aims to offer optimal enterprise resource planning solutions. It has currently released SAL Payroll which consists of three modules: Expenses, Pay, Time Attendance and Scheduling.

In a conference with local tech bloggers on November 15, Salarium Founder- CEO Judah Hirsch demonstrated how a business can track the attendance of their employees real-time with the integration of SAL Time system on to android biometric devices.

“Our users were tired of inaccurate authentication methods which could often lead to additional work and having to convert biometric output into compatible CSV files. By creating our own time keeping app that works on any Android device with a fingerprint scanner we’re able to give authenticated identification and time-ins in about 5 seconds.”
Administrators can choose to allow employees to quickly identify themselves by either their name, employee ID or RFID badge. Admin can set various authentication methods for the employee including a PIN code, auto selfie, and fingerprint verification. Through the system’s dashboard, business can monitor the employees who have logged in or out for their shifts and any tardiness or absences.

The data from SAL Time is sent to SAL Pay which automatically computes the number of hours worked, tardiness, and over-break deductions, ready for payroll generation at the end of the cut-off. Employees can also see their time records in real time and dispute any late clock-ins or early clock-outs before generation.
While the app works on any Android device with a fingerprint scanner, Hirsch revealed that they assist some of their clients with sourcing devices from suppliers. He elaborated that this is because some clients prefer certain devices with more powerful fingerprint readers.

Salarium is continuously working on additional solutions and have been recognized when the tech company was named, “Best Startup in the Philippines” at Seedstars World Manila 2014. In February next year, Salarium will represent the country at the competition’s Final Event in Geneva, Switzerland.

For interested businesses, a 30-Day free trial account can be automatically accessed from Salarium’s website.
To know more about the advanced payroll tools made possible by Salarium, visit For a free demo request, send an email to [email protected]

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