How to purchase apps on Google Play

A lot of us have always wanted to purchase in-app upgrades and games on Google Play, sometimes it may be used to buy the power up that helps you finish the level, or on how to add premium features on the app you bought. So here are a few guides on how to purchase items on Google Play.

Credit/Debit Cards – this is the most common way to purchase items on Google Play simply input the Card Number, Expiration Date and your contact details, and voila, your ready to buy, also you could purchase using special kinds of debit cards, with either Visa or Mastercard with it, simply ask your bank about it when opening a new account.

Google Play Credit – it’s quite rare to find these in the Philippines but they can be found in some stores and online shops, it’s a scratch card and you simply need to enter the code to use the credits, of course unlike the other payment methods the value is not exact and some credits might be left unused.

Direct Carrier Billing – this is a new feature in the Philippines which uses your Cellphone Load to purchase items on Google Play, though this may be the easiest one I don’t find a lot of people using it, the instructions here are very simple, simply try to purchase any app, accept the permissions, and tap “Enable Smart Communications Billing” (for Smart Subscribers) then simply fill up the form, then you may purchase any app you’d like as long as you have enough load or else the transaction will fail. For questions here are the FAQ’s for Direct Carrier Billing.

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