Top 5 must-have Apps for your iPad

Some use their smartphones as their all-in-one device or their daily driver, and a few of us use a regular phone and an iPad, today gadgets are improving exponentially and increase their features and usability through apps and widgets. Early this year Smart Communications gave me my own iPad Mini 3 and used it as my daily driver for tweeting, updating my blog and even taking notes, and set aside games and social networking apps here are my Top 5 must-have apps for your iPad.


Merriam – Webster Dictionary

The dictionary is one of the most important apps I have, especially for times that you don’t know a term your professor is asking for. It contains synonyms, antonyms, sample sentences and etymology, and it also keeps a history of words you searched a great tool to increase your vocabulary and unlike other dictionaries it works offline. Also they have a special feature for tablets which you can view any word from the dictionary.



For the info not found in the dictionary Wikipedia is the place to go, the problem is it needs you to open your data services but for Smart Subscribers you could access Wikipedia for Free. It contains more than 32 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work, though some professors do not agree when you use Wikipedia as a source but it’s still the best tool you can use.



This app is one of the coolest app you’ll ever see, as it performs calculations live by using only the camera no extra effort needed and gained a lot of interests when the demo was posted on 9GAG. Using this app is a breeze but for now there are limitations to what it can do as it can’t solve word problems and calculus.



Pocket is an app to save all articles you want offline, so that you can save important Wikipedia, articles, tweets, and even videos! The cool thing is it syncs automatically on all your devices. It also changes the way the articles look for a better view.



For me Evernote is one of the best apps I have, the great thing about it is that it syncs all my notes so I can have it on all of my devices, it also features a lot of features like scanning post-its, business cards, record voice, add photos to your notes, workchat, and they even have their own Moleskin Notebook, they even have add-on apps like Evernote Food (for recipes), Scannable (to easily scan documents), Skitch (for drawing and marking stuff). The good news is it’s all for free, and because you read all of these we will be giving you 1 month of Evernote Premium, just leave a comment of your must have app and your email address!

I would like to thank Smart for my iPad Mini 3!

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