Why the Galaxy Note 5 doesn’t have External Storage

The Galaxy Note 5 was recently announced and a lot of power users are disappointed because it won’t have expandable and removable batteries. I was actually open to the possibility that the Galaxy Note 5 may include a SIM/Micro slot for external storage.

The reason they did not include external storage is for speed. As of today the Galaxy S6 and the Note 5 have the fastest internal storage in the market which they call UFS 2.0 which means Universal Flash Storage 2.0, which is faster that the eMMC storage found in most devices in the market today.

Like PC’s who have SSD Storage instead of the regular hard drive, the computer that uses SSD has a better speed and battery life. Also adding external storage may cause the device to slow down since android puts the other parts of the app on external storage to save memory. Another speculation says that the drivers used for UFS 2.0 and MicroSD is incompatible and will still need to convert the file properly to transfer.

The Galaxy Note 5 will be released in the US on August 21.

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