#OnlyAtPLM: New Changes

*this post was updated the underlined parts are new.

Since the first #WhyMyPLM post, there are several new things that concerned a lot of PLMayers. This time I will try to tell the story through tweets.

The admin explained to students why the PCAC subsidy was removed, their explanation was that the students from Manila receive a whole lot less than non-Manilans who get their full tuition subsidized. (Former PCAC Member)

Students are not allowed to use the Elevator for “Security Purposes”

Because the students pose so much threat when they use the elevator. Such genius.

They merged colleges to follow CHED’s ruling even though we are not under CHED, also under CHED ruling CAF and CBM should be CABM but they said “May tumanggi” that’s why it was not implemented, other college mergers are also not implemented due to the reason “may tumanggi”.

Dapat kasi tumanggi na rin lahat para wala ng namerge. “May tumanggi” is now a valid response. 

The CAE-SC Office was also removed by the PDSPO because of the lack of papers even though they have one.

And the PDSPO people strike again! 

Dinelete na yung mga propaganda accounts like Lumaban Ka PLM sa Facebook, pero meron po akong kopya send ko po sainyo. (see below)


A new memo was released, where PLMayers aren’t allowed to use the Elevators, even though it was clearly stated that the Elevators are meant for students. They also removed the plaque from the wall which states that it’s meant for students.

Just so they can justify it. Wow. This amazes me so much. Poor students, now you have to climb the winding stairs of Gusaling Lagablab.

The next one was a fun/musical freshman orientation. Where they talked about PLM’s achievements, 5 recognized alumni, the new shuttle service, free uniform for Manilenos (only) from Erap, food stubs for students who can’t afford, and NOTHING ABOUT PLM’s Rules and Regulation.

Well honestly, these changes are good. But they just couldn’t add up to diminish the disappointments that we have about other issues. Let’s be honest, we can’t please everyone. BUT FOR THE SAKE OF IT, can you not work towards the greater good for the greater number of people and not just for the few chosen ones? 

Also some brave students asked about the Airconditioning Units for PLM and she was answered by the President to be happy of what they have, and that PLM uses 2Million every month for Electricity.
Another student asked what effect does the USG have in PLM’s security if they just poke their sticks in their bags, and a few days after we had gadget stubs for Laptops and Cameras.

Wow, because PLM has adequate ventilation. I bet they didn’t check the building code for the minimum area of window openings and ceiling heights for a room to be called, “Naturally ventilated”.

The reason behind the gate pass for gadgets apparently is a professor who lost her laptop due to her own carelessness. AND NOW EVERYONE IN PLM HAS TO GET CLEARANCE FOR THE THINGS THEY BRING IN FOR THE SAKE OF STUDYING. This is just so awful. Nung nawalan ako ng phone at wallet dahil kinuha ng PDSPO, hindi naman kami nagpagatepass. (We know the PDSPO took it because he was the only one to enter the room and leave while we were all seated along the corridor eating.) THIS IS JUST WOW. I want gatepass for phones too. 


After that, students are not allowed to stay and inside their rooms if their prof is not present, which made the hallways and lobbies crowded. Also they are not allowed to eat inside their rooms and need to stay at the “designated area” which I assume as the UAC, other students who stayed at the lobby/hallway where told to transfer.

YES. Because PLM has enough open and common spaces for students to comfortably hang out in and study. This is just another BS.

And to even save more electricity, other rooms are not allowed to use the Aircon. Even one of the shuttles didn’t have air-conditioning.

Again, how is this for the benefit and the welfare of the students? Kindly explain. 


Then a Memo was released stating that PLM Students aren’t allowed to have hair color AGAIN.

Because we were cool last sem and we beat their hairstyles. Truth be told, why would you prohibit students from expressing themselves through looking their best? 

I know that there are more stuff that you know and want to add details simply leave a comment below.


Anyways here are students reacting to those sudden changes.



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