Android Wear now works with iPhones

Google just announced that Android Wear now works with iPhones. Android Wear is Google’s Smartwatch line and it offers a lot of choices to watch users unlike the Apple Watch which has that brick look and not that suitable for small wrists.

This is a bad news to Apple since Android Wear offers a lower price point than their cheapest Apple Watch. It also gives users a number of designs to choose from.

For those who have an iPhone 5 or a later unit running iOS 8.2+ simply download the Android Wear App on your iPhone and pair. As of today only base features are available since it seems like Apple may be blocking access to the core of iOS, like what happened with the Pebble Time when it launched.

Still it can give you a low even without third-party apps, like check your info at a glance like notifications, messages, and calls. It also has an always on feature so that you don’t need to flick your wrist to turn on the screen. It also has fitness features and all google features like smart help where you could ask questions and it can also translate for you.

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