My #UberCHOPPER Experience

I am not really fond of taking photos and videos, so do not expect a lot of them.

Every saturday I usually wake up at around 7:30 in the morning, but today I set my alarm at 7AM in the morning. So when I woke up took a bath and saw the Uber Chopper slider at around 7:50 and tried to press it, and it went on finding for around 15 minutes then it stopped. So I went to the elevator and walked from our condo to PLM, and when I was down I immediately booked an Uber, and walked to orosaĀ when it asked me to try again, the next one was at luneta, then I tried to change the pin and put my pickup location as PLM, and right after I crossed the pedestrian I got the ride.

I immediately called my Clarissa (my girlfriend) who lives in Intramuros to tell her about the good news, and she didn’t answer so I thought she was at the hospital (she is a nurse) and was busy.

After that I recieved the call from Uber congratulating me and asked me if I can text my name and if I was bringing a Government ID, that indicates my age.

So I only sent my name, and told to wait for the other names because I was still walking towards PLM. Then when I was inside the campus I recieved a text from our officer that the professor was already there, so I didn’t mind going up our building. Then I tried to ask other PLMayers I know for anyone who wants to come, and no one wanted to. So when we left I recieved another text that the prof was not yet there.

The driver did not tell me where we are going but it was very obvious that we are going to the airport. So when we got there there was a lot of cameras pointing towards me, and my actor-instincts told me to not look at the cameras directly. Then they told me that I was the first one who will try it.

So I waited for a while then the chopper came, and again a lot of cameras followed me to the UberChopper, rode the front of the chopper and while I was not yet starting a lot of camerasĀ again are around the chopper.

I wore the seatbelt and some noise-cancelling headsets, then we gently hovered to the landing strip and rose gently. Within 3 minutes we are already at ortigas, and we hovered around the metro.Ā I didn’t really take a lot of aerial photos because I wanted to enjoy the ride instead.

Midflight Photo
Midflight Photo

It was my first time riding a chopper and there is a big difference than flying byĀ plane, becauseĀ while rising it feels like you are riding an elevator, where you need to pop your ears. Not like a plane which rises quickly, and you do not really feelĀ lulaĀ because it’s height is just above a regular highrise. Though there are short bursts where you feel like you are falling, and you’ll get used to it. They told me that the flight was only 10 minutes but it felt more like 30 to me.

And once again all cameras are pointed at us during the landing, and had an interview with ABS-CBN and TV5, sadly the other two networks aren’t there.

Then they asked me if I wanted to go home, so I went back to Intramuros using a very premium car, the driver opened the door for me, went down the Uber car and went back to my normal life.


PS: To clear it up what happened today was pureĀ luck, where a lot of people are requesting for an Uber Chopper and I was the lucky one who got accepted by the driver, also as I remember TJ Manotoc got a freebie and rode the chopper because I was alone and there are 2 extra slots available.

I also read the article about #UberChopperĀ that says I can get a free ride by trying to book an UberChopper from 8AM to 10AM. So I got it for free, also I do not know anything about when it will be available for the publicĀ but all I know is that you can get you first 2 trips 50% off.

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