Why Telstra Philippines is not what you think it is.

There have been a lot of rumors about Telstra bringing gigabit speeds here in the Philippines, here is why it might not be happening.

First is that the Telstra Philippines Facebook Page is not even a real facebook page, they have been posting several videos and asking people to share post from their facebook page, but no proof about what will really happen.

Second it that Telstra already posted on their facebook page that they are still discussing about their partnership with San Miguel Corporation, and that there is no certainty that it might occur.



Screenshot (19)

Third is San Miguel Corporation previously partnered up with the Q-Tel Group to bring WiMax here in the Philippines and WiTribe failed.

Lastly is that the Philippines is an archipelago, so even if Telstra will offer their services here in the Philippines we might not get the fiber-optic connection we all want but instead have a full speed LTE connection or LTE-A. More proof for this is that San Miguel president and COO Ramon Ang, also said last March that they will introduce a mobile broadband service by next January and is planning nationwide coverage.

So there, I would just like to tell everybody not to expect too much and get disappointed afterwards. So do you have any thoughts about this, leave a comment below!

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