Netflix is now available in the Philippines!

Netflix the leading Internet TV Network has just announced that their service will now be available more than 130 new countries including the Philippines. Now we can truly do #NetflixAndChill!

“Today you are witnessing the birth of a new global Internet TV network,” said Hastings. “With this launch, consumers around the world — from Singapore to St. Petersburg, from San Francisco to Sao Paulo — will be able to enjoy TV shows and movies simultaneously — no more waiting. With the help of the Internet, we are putting power in consumers’ hands to watch whenever, wherever and on whatever device.” – Co-founder and Chief Executive Reed Hastings at CES 2016.

Netflix is available on virtually any device that has an Internet connection, with several titles, including Netflix original series and films, and will have 5 profiles so it can be used by the whole family!

When I knew the news I immediately downloaded the app and looked at the Pricing. The pricing are almost all the same but I would recommend you to get either standard or basic subscription since we do not have a fast internet connection here in the Philippines. To break it down the basic subscription will give you 480P of videos, the standard one will give you 1080P and Premium will give you 4K which is very limited to a few devices and needs a super fast internet connection.

Netflix Pricing Philippines

Screenshot (53)

Also you could set-up profiles for up to 5 people, it will also ask you if it is your child’s profile so that you could have a control over the content he/she will see.

I just hope that they will also have a partnership with telco networks so that we can have a better plan. So what do you guys think will you subscribe to Netflix or do you think it’s not worth it? Leave your comments below.

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