Urbandub’s Endless DVD

On Urbandub’s “Endless Revisited” Concert where they performed their songs in a whole new different way with just Gabby and John, the concert was very upclose and personal since it was a whole new version of the songs I grew up with, the concert also featured the best new bands from the indie scene, Autotelic and Sirens.

It has been exactly one year since the Urbandub performed on stage together and that was one of the most successful rock concert of that year, and ironically it also marked an end to one of OPM’s most iconic rock acts. The farewell concert of Urbandub entitled “Endless” held last May 9, 2015 was a sure success with thousands of “dubistas” filled the venue to the brim.

After the definite hiatus of the band both Gabby and John has been busy doing their own individual projects. Gabby has been busy running his own production team called “Nemesis Music Group” managing fresh and upcoming bands from the indie scene, while also balancing his after tattoo care product called “Dark Matter Artisan Soap”. John is also busy with his new band “Cables and Space” which he is fronting, and while also managing his own clothing brand called “Pinnacle Clothing”. Both of the guys have been really busy expanding their expertise into different ventures both inside and outside the music scene.

On the concert they sold their much anticipated DVD entitled “Endless” that features the band’s final concert at Metro Tent with the same title. The DVD also features a documentary of the band’s history. The DVD can be considered as the best memento for the fans because of all the exclusive content and top notch production.

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