A new Beer is Coming!

The number one Mediterranean Beer is now in the Philippines!

Recently we were invited to a barbeque and was introduced to this very unique beer!

20160605_145418 (1)

Made with malts produced in Efes’s own malteries, this brew presents a quintessential German-style Pilsner appearance in the glass: pure golden in color with nice clarity, capped by a bright white head of foam that drops some lace as it recedes. On the nose, expect a lightly sweet pils malt aroma, while the noble hops offer up a fairly grassy and somewhat floral character with just a touch of fruitiness tending toward lemon. As it opens on the palate, it’s all about the crackery pils malt, with its typical lightly sweet, papery, and grainy personality.

found the sweet aftertaste of the beer very good, like no other that exists here in the Philippines.

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