Impressions on the #MotoMods

When the LG G5 was released everyone applauded because it had a removable battery and modules that you can interchange to get new features and since it’s release they only have 2 modules available.

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Now Lenovo (who owns Motorola) released a new smartphone the Moto Z which is also modular, but instead of the press to release modules like what LG did they made magentic modules which you just stick to the back of the phone, they have announced 3 modules which they call #MotoMods.

One is the JBL SoundBoost Speaker which is a speaker that attach to the back of the phone


The Moto Insta-Share Projector a small projector with a kickstand.


Incipio offGRID Power Pack which is a battery pack and can also charge your phone wirelessly.


and lastly the Moto Style Shell to swap your phones design in a snap.


I really think this is a better approach to modularity but even though this is not fully modular the #MotoMods can also be used for other future phones that Motorola will make.

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