Have you tried brushing your teeth but seems like the deep seated dirt remains in the mouth?

Using toothpaste is not enough for your oral hygiene since it does not clean all the bacteria in the mouth.There’s no need to worry about bad breath and bacteria!

Unilab is the first in the market to offer breath spray and is widely available in every supermarket. Swish breath spray gives you the confidence to speak up with long lasting fresh breath.

Swish breath spray freshens your breath within a few seconds, kills deep seated germs and bacteria in the mouth, which also eliminates bad breath from eating, smoking and drinking. All you have to do is spray it twice into your mouth. It’s also best to use Swish breath spray thrice a day after every meal.

I was given two variants to try, Swish Arctic Chill and Swish Peppermint Fresh.

I must say that peppermint is well known and I really like it because of it truly refreshing mint flavor. While arctic chill is new to me and I find it intriguing. I was quite surprised with its cooling sensation with a kick.

If you’re more of the adventurous type, I suggest Swish Artic Chill and if you’re on the go, Peppermint Fresh.


Comes in handy
Gives a refreshing feeling
Instantly cleans the mouth
No sting formula
Doesn’t hurt the gums
Fragrant formula
Swish is a trusted brand
The first and only available breath spray


I have to tinker on the pump of the bottle before it can spray

Overall, it is a recommended and a must buy.

If you want to know more of Swish breath spray just visit https://www.facebook.com/SwishOfficial/

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