REVIEW : SmartBro 2-in-1 LTE Pocket WiFi Powerbank

A pocket wifi and a power bank all in one device!

Smart Communication’s the leading Telco in the Philippines has released an new device, it’s a pocket wifi and a powerbank in one.


It’s 5200mAh battery and an output of 1.5A which can fully charge most phones quickly and will keep you connected for more than a day. It also has a fast charger which can charge the Pocket WiFi in less than 3 hours.

SmartBro 2-in-1 LTE Pocket WiFi is also compatible of the new 700MHz LTE Band which greatly improves indoor connection. You can connect up to 5 devices which is enough for all your devices plus the people around you. The device is a thick and heavy compared to other pocket wifi but still fits in your pocket. It has a matte finish which feels good in the hand.

On the top has a Micro SD Card slot so that you could access your files wirelessly and a Micro SIM card slot for your SIM, a LAN port which is sadly disabled and can pick up dirt, a reset button, the Micro USB input and the USB Output to charge your devices.

Overall the device is great for sharing your connection, has a good indoor signal, and faster compared to other pocket wifi’s I’ve tried. I use it as my daily device with my S8 and can power up my phone in case I need to charge while on the go. So if you want to get one you can get one now by tapping here. If you have any questions regarding the device, just leave a comment below.


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