How to get a Passport Appointment Instantly!

Recently DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines) opened several slots for Passport Appointments in the Philippines.

But people are still having a hard time getting one. So here’s a sure way to get your appointment in less than an hour.

First you should have the details needed on hand and if you’re renewing your passport, make sure you have it for your passport number, where it was issued, and the expiration date. 

Then you should have this link bookmarked. by doing this you skip the terms and conditions page which will take some time to load.

Once done, visit the site a minute before the next hour and choose which site you want best, at exactly XX:00 several slots will open but not all time slots will be available. If none loads try alternating from sites like ASEANA and SM Manila until a specific date turns green, or if you have a specific location or date, click that several times for it to reload though with this you get less chances to get one.

After getting a slot and checking the ‘I AM NOT A ROBOT’ square, quickly click on proceed, and you now have 15 minutes to fill out the form. That’s why step one is having your details ready. 

And that’s about it, instead of paying more than a thousand pesos to “fixers” who also know this simple lifehack, just follow these steps, and if you did not get one, just wait another hour ’til more slots open up.

If you think this article helped you, or saved you some money, feel free to donate via PayMaya at 0949 999 JOSH or via GCash at 090MJPINEDA. Also please share this lifehack to your friends who still don’t have a passport.




These photos are taken a minute apart.

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